The Twin Towers 1974 – Carol Beadle

The Twin Towers 1974                      

         For Philippe Petit



A dark shape

         hurtles to the ground

                your coat


you step out into sky

         with your eight metre pole

                the crossbar of your gravity


you are the compass point

         of Leonardo’s circle

                you are middle C


a quarter mile above

         the sidewalks of Manhattan

                you lie down on the wire


the cable dips

         but now you know its ways

                you rise and bow


you turn you walk

         you cross the air again

                fulcrum man


the left and right of you

         your arms your eyes

                your astute feet


a brush of wind

         the rope sways

                you smile and kneel


the Towers waver

        in the mist.

                You blink them back.